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High Authority

Curator: Hadas Kedar

AME 72, Ben Ben Ron, Mira Daniel, Amos Elkana, Michal Erez, Ami Feitchevich and Hadas Kedar, Freddy (Shahar) Kislev, Ari Libsker, Roy Menachem Markovich, Hila Toony Navok,  Public Movement, Guy Sagee, Pesach Slabosky, Batya Uziel, Yael Waterman.


Lilienblum st. 41, Tel Aviv - Jaffa



In a building that housed, from the end of the 1930’s until the establishment of the state of Israel, one of the main Jewish terrorist organizations (Haganah) headquarters (secretly and under the auspices of the Jewish Agency) and in the phase in which the building was empty due to its restoration, the group exhibition High Authority was held.

The first section of the exhibition was located on the street floor of the building, in a recently abandoned law firm. Artists occupied office spaces. Passing through a closet, the second section of the exhibition, an abandoned warehouse for many years, became a creative space for art.

The exhibition was based on an intergenerational meeting of artists, focusing on a manual, do-it-yourself ethos of arts and crafts. Young generation artists such as Roy Menachem Markovich, Freddie (Shahar) Kislev and Hila Toony Navok were featured alongside mid-generation artists such as Ami Faytchevitz, Ben Ben Ron and Michal Erez alongside established artists and craftswoman Batya Uziel and Pesach Slabosky. In addition, commissioned works by artists who have not exhibited in recent years or who have not exhibited in the context of an art exhibition such as: Yael Waterman, Yaakov Segev, Ari Libsker and Amos Elkana.

Critique in Time Out Magazine (Hebrew)

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