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Swiss Utopia

Hadas Kedar & Alex Schady

Swiss Cottage, London , UK



Kedar and Schady staged their collaboration at the site of the regeneration project at Swiss Cottage. They worked their way around the site leaving a trail as they go.


A series of looking devices similar to those in tourist sites have been  and performing a series of activities they lead a personal tour of the newly remodelled site, interrupting the strict logic of the street plan with a series of measured interventions. This relation between on the one hand order, rules and instructions and on the other accidents, disorder and misinterpretation always informs Kedar and Schady’s collaborative practice. Their work together is perhaps best described by what it isn’t. It is not a performance or an installation; it is neither an exhibition of objects, nor a site-specific piece. It is a process of production rather than an expression of a theme.


Using both the body of work they have so far produced and the confines and limitations of the space at Swiss Cottage, Schady and Kedar propose to play games, witness accidents, impose order, record interference, listen to noise, allow an event.

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