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Curator: Hadas Kedar

Darom Space

Tel Aviv - Jaffa



In 2010 Israeli the collaborative duo Hadas Kedar (Israel) and Alex Schady (UK)fascilitated the space of Darom with an educational program titled EduKation.  

EduKation challenges dogmatic formulas of art education. Through the point of view of both artists and art educators (both Kedar and Schady have been teaching art in colleges and academies in Israel and the Uk for the past 10 years)EduKation is based on ideas of radical pedagogy and intensive seminars that combine theater, hands-on art workshops and video. 

DSchady and Kedar published a call for participation in order to invite residents of south Tel Aviv and neighborhood children (with the help of the regional school). The workshops were held once a week during their stay and were documented. Documentation and artifacts from the workshops were exhibited in an exhibition that allowed the informed the audience about the workshops that took place in the space.


About Darom

Darom is a multi-cultural and independent art center located at the heart of south Tel-Aviv, next to the old central bus station district. The aim of Darom is to provide a platform for live, accessible and active art-of-the-moment. Darom is interested in exhibiting art that has a social aspect to it by inviting artists that find interest in activating the gallery in various aspects.


We are welcoming challenging projects which are willing to broaden the definition of an exhibition; to push the limits of materials and contexts, and to provoke the tightly-knit Israeli art scene.


By being a non-profit organization we encourage young artists and curators to work and exhibit in Darom with no pressure of the commercial market upon their shoulders and without the need to compromise the real will of the art.

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