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First Exhibition

Curator: Hadas Kedar

Assistant Curator: Julia Yablonsky


Ido Bar-el, Tamar Getter, Nimrod Karmi, Nadia Perlov

Studio Bank, 2019

נמרוד כרמי, פנורמה 1, 2019.jpg

The starting point of “First Exhibition” is the first residency that took place in the artists’ complex of “Studio Bank”. Nimrod Karmi, a young artist, graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Jerusalem) and Staedelschule (Fankfurt) invited two teachers, Ido Barel and Tamar Getter, to partake in the exhibition. Nadia Perlov, currently studying in  Staedelschule (Fankfurt) was invited to partake in “First Exhibition”.


The four artists related to the ex-bank space with delicate and personal gestures. Nadia Perlov exhibits the video ‘Pardess Mabybe Paradise Lost” (2016) in the safe in the basement. Tamar Getter created two site-specific works “Dense Shade (first part vitrine, second part marble wall)” (2019) on the bank’s window pane and wall of lobby. During his residency at “Studio Bank” Nimrod Karmi prepared new paintings on metal, cement and sculptures in the chief banker’s cubicle of the bank branch. Ido Barel exhibits a series of paintings “Color on Posters” (2017-19) that he painted upon protest posters and road signs.

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