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Studio gYM iN aRAD

Curator: Hadas Kedar

Naama Bar-Or, Ori Carmely, Ruth Leonov, Lou Moria, Nir Nave, Tal Stadler.


Arad Contemporary Art Center



The ethos of Studio Gym Arad is rooted in the genre of relational aesthetics that began to flourish in Europe in the late 1990s. Curator and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud recognized in the artworks of the period the impact of techno-industrial developments and the way they have become, over time, forms of life with dialogical and interpersonal characteristics.


Studio Gym Arad applied its relational-socialy-engaged ethos to the municipal project that deals with the preservation of a series of brutalist gardens in the Arad city center. The studio looked at the modernist project from the late 1960’s through contemporary eyes. Through this outlook they initiated a series of social engagements in the gardens with residents and guests; a photographic project on the city’s billboards and an exhibition at the Arad Contemporary Art Center. 

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