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Exhibition and EP Launch

Curator: Hadas Kedar

Assistant Curator: Julia Yablonsky


Studio Bank, 2019

_MG_1906 copy.JPG

The day before the appearance of the band Laibach in Tel Aviv (Reading 3, Tel Aviv), an exhibition will open featuring selected moments from the history of the Slovenian ensemble. One of the highlights of the show will be the band's historic visit to North Korea. This visit is also the occasion of the first ever launch of Laibach's work in the Middle East: A new EP, named after the title of the exhibition, contains a selection of the band's interpretations of Korean songs that were not allowed to perform in Pyongyang, and did not enter their latest album that is based on cover versions for songs from the cinematic classic "Sounds of Music".


The band Laibach was founded in 1980 in Slovenia at a time that it was one of the republics of Yugoslavia. Already in its early days it attracted fire from the authorities that included bans on performing or exhibiting their art. The first event the band planned, an exhibition and a performance, was canceled, and the posters pasted around the town were torn down. Eventually the band held the cancelled exhibition and the show in 2010, on the occasion of the celebrations of their 30th anniversary at the People’s House of the town from which they came.


The difficulties at home pushed the band to perform in other countries in Eastern and Western Europe (Yugoslavians were allowed to travel abroad), which led to the signing of a recording contract with the English label Mute which is the band's home to this day.


The new EP will be available at the opening, and will be attended by a member of the band, along with Morten Traavik, director of "Liberation Day", the film that documented the show in North Korea.

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