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Nehama (Roar)

Event Curator: Uri Carmeli

Musical Director: Udi Bonan.

Studio Bank Director and Curator: Hadas Kedar

Udi Bonen, Nimrod Gershuni, Yuval Gutman David Lemoine (France), Or Rimmer, Or Sinai, Oz Malul and Dan Weinstein.


Studio Bank, 2020


'Nehama' (Roar) is a sound event, an ongoing encounter between artists, audiences and space in in favor of a live, wild and shared vocal creation. The event, which will last for three days throughout the weekend, which will begin on July 2, 2020, is based on the conversion of the former Discount Bank branch space into a listening and sound creation space.


The event seeks to bring together different types of musical composers in a relaxed setting and in a non-hierarchical way in relation to the audience. Positions for the participating artists, acoustic elements and light seating systems will be placed around the bank space. The audience is invited to stay or take part, visual artists will situate in the space various musical instruments made by them and the audience will be invited to use them.


The event, which was postponed following the outbreak of the covid-19 virus seems more relevant than ever and seeks to re-examine how audiences and creators make use of public display spaces.

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