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"Offnobank"* is an independent, non-profit initiative by artists Yoav Weinfeld and Omer Sheizaf. The project space is a small room inside the two's studio on the third floor of "Studio Bank”. 

At a time when exhibition spaces are closing and cultural budgets are being cut, the two decided to use the space available to them in order to invite artists from different generations to create a project dedicated to the place.


*In October, 2021, with the closure of Studio Bank, Offnobank’s curators Weinfeld and Sheizaf moved the exhibition space to 43 Allenby st.

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Exhibitions at “Offnobank” in the “Studio Bank” branch:

Dance Bar


Elad Larom, Shir Moran and Shiri Tarko

Curators: Yoav Weinfeld and Omer Sheizaf

"Dance Bar", the opening exhibition of the new "Offnobank" project space produces an abandoned scene of an empty dance floor; a bar that has been emptied of its occupants. The works all act as an eccentric set for a scene that does not occur: in dance bars, a disappearing phenomenon, people ask themselves "Where shall I dance?" A carpet, a jacket, a painting of a hotel room - these turn the exhibition space into a sleazy meeting place, an empty pick-up, a room by the hour in a cheap motel on Ben Yehuda street.


The Lift and the Swindler

solo exhibition of Ron Asulin


Curators: Yoav Weinfeld and Omer Sheizaf


"Offnobank" exhibition space is pleased to present "The Lift and the Swindler", a solo exhibition by Ron Asulin. Through a combination of sculpture, reliefs and drawings, the exhibition presents an array that deals with the criminal act that touches on the lawful. The works depict a greyish office world that entails repressed violence, hints of fraud and normative appearances aimed at legitimizing dirty deals. Through sculptural gestures, Asulin creates an inverse relationship between rhetoric and content, between the buttoned shirt and the grandfather's tank top underneath.


From the Collection

solo exhibition of Uri Zamir


Curators: Yoav Weinfeld and Omer Sheizaf

The "Offnobank" exhibition space is pleased to present "From the Collection", the first solo exhibition by artist Uri Zamir. Zamir will present an installation centered on an encounter between art and mysticism and the concept of holiness. The exhibition re-examines the artistic object as sacred and the museum space as a ceremonial enclave. The installation blends a history of aristocratic collections with an aesthetic that is associated with new age. The name of the exhibition invites the viewer to see works "from the collection", but which collection is this? A museum space, a temple in the back of an office, an archeological collection or a showroom of an eccentric collector?


Mouth of Truth

solo exhibition of Naama Roth


Curators: Yoav Weinfeld and Omer Sheizaf


The "Offnobank" exhibition space is pleased to present "Mouth of Truth", a solo exhibition by artist Naama Roth. Through architectural intervention, light and sculpture, Roth transforms the Offnobank space into a disruptive playground inspired by the 90’s in a local commercial center.

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