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Curator: Hadas Kedar

Parrhesia Members: Tal Adler, Osnat Bar-Or,Orna Ben Shitrit, Hagar Goren, Ofer Kahana, Hadas Kedar, Tamar Meshulam, Yankale Steinberg, Manar Zoabi.


2005 - 2008


Parrhesia is a group of Jewish and Palestinian activists, visual artists, industrial and graphic designers and photographers from Israel, aiming to construct a civil language; a language that respects, is humane and allows to sustain a dialogue, a method of communication that distinguishes itself from the power-driven language characteristic of government and commercial entities. Parrhesia, in conjunction with organizations aspiring for social change and human rights, helps to strengthen visibility by producing books, info-sheets, posters, presentations, internet sites etc., contributing to the effort to construct a channel that will sound the voices of those who are excluded from Israeli society and its discourse.


Parrhesia is currently working with human rights and advocacy organizations aiming for civic equality of Palestinians, economic and social justice in Israeli society, as well as major feminist organizations. In addition, the group creates independent artwork that deals with controversial issues that challenge the Israeli consensus, for example: 'The Way of Language' - a graffiti Arab-Hebrew dictionary sprayed on a main street in Jerusalem and Jaffo - a response to a streak of Arab words erased off major street signs in the cities; a street banner - 'Black Stain' - hanging in Haifa dealing with the October 2000 riots and the killing of thirteen Palestinian citizens of Israel and 'Shtukee' - a series of audio-visual interviews dealing with fertility and demography policies.


Parrhesia publishes the magazine Sedek (fissure) in cooperation with Zochrot [Remembering]. An English Abstract of the first issue is available as PDF. Sedek is published in Arab/Hebrew originally, the three issues available can be ordered in these languages at the Pardes Publishing House House in Israel.

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