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Small Projects for Coming Communities

Curator: Hadas Kedar

Curatorial Direction: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Richter, Ronald Kolb

Project Management: Julia Yablonsky

Introduction by: Professor Dorothee Richter, Head of CAS/MAS in Curating and Director of PhD in Practice in Curating, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme, the University of Reading and the Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK.

Robert Blatt, Maya Bamberger & Ronny Koren, Ofri Cnaani, Maria Dis, Christine Ellison, Dganit Elyakim, Eran Hadas, San Keller, Ronald Kolb, Michael Leung, Neue Dringlichkeit, Ceyda Oskay, Dorothee Richter, Anike Joyce Sadiq, Yael Sloma, Pongpan Suriyapat, Nir Segal, Anat Pick, , Kacey Wong, Zoncy and works by Anastasia Chaguidouline and Kacey Wong.

Studio Bank, 2020


Small Projects for Coming Communities creates supra-regional connections and deals with questions of how and where forms of communities can open up in unpredictable ways. We are interested in the ephemeral structures and transversal frameworks of communities, in their ever-changing desires. And we also reflect on the boundaries of these fragile formations. 

The event includes presentations by curators from Israel and Switzerland including: Hila Cohen Schneiderman, Nogah Davidson, Bar Yerushalmi, Gili Zaidman, Eveline Mathis and Anastasia Chaguidouline. Artistic interventions by Studio Bank artists including: Maya Dunitz, David Lemoine, Oz Malul and Anna Zakrevsky.

Exhibition: 25 January – 26 February 2020

Small Projects for Coming Communities

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