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Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet

Curator: Hadas Kedar and Ami Feychevitch

Yochai Avrahami, Ziv Ben Dov, Ben Ben Ron Eitan Buganim, Sari Carel (USA), Michal Erez, Ami Feychevitch, Gilit Fischer, Maurice Ganis (Greece), Ruth Gvili, Yoav Hirsch, Hadas Kedar and Alex Schady, Elyasaf Kowner,Yaakov Mishori, Roy Mordechai, Uri Radovan, Guy Sagee, Aura Satz (Britain), Chen Sheinberg, Shaul Tzemach and Alex Yodzon.

Yehuda Margoza st. 36, Jaffa



In a derelict building in Tel Aviv-Jaffa that was temporarily restored by the artist Yoav Hirsch, the exhibition Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet took place. 

Its title was based on a 1960’s American sci-fi film that was screened in a small screening room. Taking its starting point from early sci-fi films, the exhibition was based on the notion of states of alienation – one from each other, from one’s community and at its most extreme, one from aliens. 

Alongside the film Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet the films Prehistoric Woman (Britain, 1967) and Destroy All Monsters (Japan, 1968) were also screened in the exhibition space. Through the films and the artworks, the exhibition invites the viewer to consider the notion of alienation and the diverse artistic expressions and means in which it is conveyed.

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